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Rocket Mesh Elite Advantages (Soft, Semi-Soft, Semi-Hard)

Who wouldn’t want a lighter mesh to get a competitive edge? Our mesh won’t make you a better player, but it will definitely help you to unlock your potential. Not only is weight the enemy of performance, but where that weight is in your stick matters. The pocket is at the end of your stick and far from your body. That’s where weight counts the most! So, do yourself and your team a huge favor, get rid of that extra weight! In every sport imaginable, weight improvement advantages are a very big deal and very costly! Rocket Mesh Lacrosse is a different kind of company. We’ve developed significantly increased performance and we are selling it to you for less! We do it because we can!

Do you want to know how it’s lighter? It starts with our ultra-high quality proprietary fiber for superior strength. We designed the mesh to be thin enough to be super-light, yet thick enough (and paired with our proprietary polymer blend) to provide the right amount of structure. We raised the bar and we’re setting a new standard with our patent pending mesh. We did this for you, the player!

Did you know that our semi-soft is significantly lighter than the competition? And did you know that our semi-hard is way lighter? Give it a try today! Don’t blame us if you get hooked!

Stronger & More Durable
Why do you need stronger mesh? Perhaps you don’t. But, you can count on our mesh to not let you down! It won’t rip along the sidewalls or bottom string like most others. We’ve done comprehensive simulated sidewall and bottom string testing. The results were in-line with expectations- 400 lbs. (sidewall) and 460 lbs. (bottom string) before failure. Our competitors’ meshes could only handle half of that! Our base fiber is an ultra-high quality proprietary fiber used for mooring lines, tow ropes, cut resistant gloves, fishing line, and to can stop bullets. We’re using it in lacrosse and we think it is the perfect fiber.  The proprietary fiber that we use is also super durable. Water & UV rays have little adverse affects on our mesh. Can the other guys make that claim? How many time have you seen mesh bag-out and the ball diving to the ground when it rains? Our mesh will simply last a lot longer without degradation in performance. We back it up with an industry leading 6-month warranty. Send it back and we will replace it for free.

More Hydrophobic
You already know that our mesh is lighter than the competition. But, did you know that when it rains, the advantage gets even bigger? That’s right! The fact is that Rocket Mesh retains much less water! The proprietary fibers that we use are used in many marine applications, like mooring lines and fishing lines. As a matter of fact it floats, while all others sink. Weight is the enemy of performance! And water has zero affect on the Rocket Mesh pocket’s performance. It will throw just like it does when it’s dry. And you won’t have to change your techniques or worry about the mesh stretching due to exposure to water and bagging-out! Play with confidence! When we say our mesh was engineered for performance, we mean it!

Won’t Bag Out
Do you know why mesh bags-out? It’s simple, it’s all in the materials. A very high percentage of mesh is made out of polyester and nylon, including some of the best mesh in the game. These materials have a max elongation of approximately 20% and 30% respectively. They will stretch over time, little by little with repeated use. These fibers especially don’t do well when wet. When exposed to water, massive stretching tends to occur, leading to bag-out.

At Rocket Mesh, we are solving this major problem in lacrosse and we are doing it without sacrificing mesh hardness (structure). Thus, we use an ultra-high quality fiber, which has an extremely low max elongation of approximately 4% and only when much higher forces are applied. The result is a true to form pocket that will not change over time (after an initial and short break-in period). We guarantee that your pocket will not bag-out during the 6-month warranty period! Do you know any other company offering this kind promise?

Easy to String & Fast Break-in
With any mesh that claims to be easy to string and has fast break-in, you should be able to stretch the mesh out and for it to retain its shape fairly well. This is very true with Rocket Mesh. The mesh is basically coiled up in its packaging. We highly recommend forming a slightly shallow pocket. The key for success is to then pocket pound very well (hard) for a few minutes. The better the pounding, the faster the break-in.

Superior Feel, Consistency, Accuracy
We already told you about a bunch of great things about our mesh. But what you need to know is how it performs on the field. Our mesh provides superior feel. It does this with a combination of texture, baby soft fibers, thin rope gauge, and being ultra-light. You will also have superior consistency as your pocket will be very predictable in how it performs because it is not going to be changing over time. With consistency comes accuracy. And with a properly strung stick with Rocket Mesh, it will be deadly accurate. People who have used our mesh can tell you what they think. We often hear from our customers that it’s the best on the market and that was absolutely our goal!